Megaman ash
DWN-¹º (Infinity)
38 (Ash series) A-Saber
Learning System
Buster Shot Gun
EX Skills
This page is about the original Ash. To see information on his NetNavi counterpart, see Ash.EXE.
"Even if I'm a legendary reploid or a normal guy, I will defeat the enemy those who appear in my way."
―Ash, Mega Man Ash

Ash (?) is a protagonist in Mega Man Ash series. A legendary reploid ever who thinks to save everybody in the city by fighting the new Mavericks. He is in rush of saving the Earth.


Ash inherits blue color scheme. He has indigo biceps, with cyan stripes down his sides, ending at his blue boots which are tipped with black soles. He has two yellow shoulder guards and his blue helmet has two ridges running along the top. These ridges come to a stop at the helmet's base and allows his dark hair to stick out in four spikes. He has green eyes and, an overall human appearance. His hair color is brown. In his hand, he holds A-Buster and backside A-Zaber.

Ash's power source is Fire which gives him a ability to fire the enemies. Ash is designed in best color combinations (blue, indigo and yellow).


Ash is very loyal to everyone and always calm person. He joined in Resistance Base for peace to the world. He trains harder and harder to power up and always keep on fighting in evil to save. Incase Mavericks, he is getting some new weapons from Dr. Cerdaio. He calls everyone with the respect. In his eyes looks a brightness. Brightness from a light gives him the power of watching brightly the dark ones to identify whether it is a Maverick or a Human.