Mega Man Volume 9: Dawn of X ist ein Sammelband der neunten Saga der Archie Mega Man Comics.


Mega Man has dedicated his existence to helping humanity. Every day he struggles against his coding to grow and become more like the humans he's sworn to protect. One hundred years in the future, the super-advanced robot X has bridged the gap between man and machine. The first truly living robot, he has been the catalyst for the rise of the Reploid race!

A weapon built by Dr. Wily, long thought lost, threatens to arise and cause mass chaos! It's an adventure that spans a century as Mega Man and X struggle to stop the mechanical menace and save the day! This title marks the first time that Mega Man and X have crossed over in any medium!


  • Ausgabe 37 (Secrets in the Deep)
  • Ausgabe 38 (The Hunters and the Hunted)
  • Ausgabe 39 (Out of Time)
  • Ausgabe 40 (Finale: Inheritance)
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