alias Master of self-projection

  • Ich lebe in YouTube or anywhere on the internet
  • Ich bin geboren am 28. Dezember
  • Ich arbeite als Being a full-time online celeb
  • Ich bin always there for you
  • Biografie I'm a long-term social media user who has been involved in a lot of fan communities for more than a decade.
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Hey there. Welcome to my user page on this wiki. I have been active in several fan communities for more than a decade. I also hold powers on plenty of them. Keep in mind that I'm an extremely busy person, who is administrating on a lot of communities and also still has a real life. However, most of the time I'm very fast to respond to messages. If you want to know how to further contact me, I will tell you my contact details in private upon your request. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

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